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Third (Fourth) blog

Hello everyone. If you are new to this blog, welcome. My name is Julia and I want to talk about how people will sometimes treat me differently because I am deaf and have cerebral palsy. For example, when I was two or three years old, my teacher tried to have me sit in a special chair that was made of wood. It was a different chair from what my peers used. I wanted to use the same chair as my friends, so I refused to sit in that special chair. At the end of the day, my teacher talked with my mom about what happened and that’s when my mom knew that I didn’t like when people treated me different. Sometimes, I need special things and sometimes I don’t. It depends on the situation for me. Another example occurred when I moved to Texas from Maryland. I was in 7th grade and it was a complete change for me. I was in a different environment and with people had different experiences from me. When I talked with people, I could see in people’s faces that they didn’t want to talk with me or that they were bored with our conversation. It was hard for some people to understand my signing because of my cerebral palsy and others, who were hearing, had a hard time understanding my speech because I am deaf. When I tried to communicate, some people would pretend to understand when they really didn’t. They would lie to me and pretend that they were my friend but then talk about me behind my back. I could tell by seeing how they treated their other friends compared to how they treated me. Also, they would be interested in doing fun things with their friends but wouldn’t invite me. I am fine with that because it is their choice to do that. I can’t do anything about what other people do and say but I can control what I do and how I feel. I choose to be positive and do things like smile at someone, do things to cheer someone up, or do something good for people. In the Bible, it says that we should treat people how we want to be treated. My advice is to treat people nice so that others do the same for you. Also, everyone has something that they struggle with. You just happen to see my struggles because of my disability. I am still human. You can smile at me or wave and that will make my day bright.

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